Do my best?

Last night, there was a party with class mates.
That was wonderful time with class mates and a little sad party
for the end of this course.


After the party, I had opportunity to talk with one class mate
who is from Japan. He was a top at a company that every one knows
in Japan.

I have been thinking I would like to have opportunity to talk to him.
Because if I were in Japan, he would never care about me.
Such a young and don't have enough experience in business.

I was thinking he likes people who are very capable and have
experience of work with knowledge. But what he said was he likes
people who do his or her best.

Suddenly, I trucked back my last few years.
I felt I am very lucky that I could meet him.

Do my best, do my best. do my best.. ( over and over in my mind)

At last, he said he would hire me if he had job interview for me.
woo hoo!!
by coral55 | 2007-08-13 06:26

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